School Recess Time – Precious time


Of course, recess time is the most enjoyable time in school after learning hard from the first period. This recess time is essential for us to unwind and to fill up growling stomach. As soon as the school bell rings for recess, all students perk up. School work burden is forgotten, at least for a while. All the sorrows of being scolded and getting bad marks are forgotten. There will be a stampede towards the school ground to have lunch. However, there will be some students going to the library and the washrooms to refresh themselves. Only a minority stays in class.

Our school ground was always full during recess time. Group of students occupied their favourite place to sit (I can say place where they use to sit regularly). There was real fun when we opened our Tiffin and later look out at friend’s Tiffin. What a precious time that was for us? We always try to finish our Tiffin as early as possible so that we can get more time to play games with friends.


Some hearty laugh and chat are always heard. Though recess time may seem short, it is the time for students to share endless gossip with their peers. Very often you will hear the hawkers’ screaming at the top of their voices to control the students from pushing and shoving. Some prefects are on duty to control these “uncivilized people”. Unfortunately, it makes not much difference. And of course, some impatient students will scream out: “Quick, Auntie, quick, the bell for going back to class will ring soon.”

Meantime in the library, several students are busy searching and skimming the books for extra reading and setting information for their assignments. Several students can be seen engrossed in the daily news with their best friends. The scene in the library during recess time is quiet and full of discipline although some quiet chat can be heard.

Some hard-working student or I should say bookworm will stay in their own class to finish their homework or revise. While some students are seen carrying out their cleanliness duty. You may see of a couple of girls diligently mopping the windows, sweeping the floor and cleaning the blackboard. It is certainly pleasant to study in a spick and span class room.

Some of the students will also enjoy walking around the passageways in front of the classrooms or in the park chatting with their peers. Some younger students who have not ‘tasted’ school work pressure play hide and seek with their friends. While the older ones are deep in thought in some corners. A few are seen trying to solve additional Maths or Physics problems. Certainly, one will also see some pupils running here and there along the passageway while the others just loiter around.

All in all, I can say that the scene in my school during recess time is one of noise and many students. Students enjoy their own activities during this time. I, myself, enjoy every moment of recess time very much.


All of us have such wonderful and memorable recess time in school. With this post i am sure everyone has recalled their school recess time and also school days.



Music For Peace…


True quote. I really feel the same. Music is really play vital role in my life when i feel upset. This is the time when i need music a lot. I just keep my favorite play list, my handset and headset with me and listens my song. It gives me relief from my worries and help me to get back in regular mood. I feel its better to listen music instead of reacting on your worries. By reacting to this, only problems will create not the solution. So, try this i bet you will also like this. In fact many of us doing the same thing.

Which one you feel superior…Real or Virtual Friendship???


Yesterday i came across a question
what is difference in real and virtual friendship?
So, just had a thought to write post about it…

There are many friends in your life we do categorized them as
Friends, Good friends, Best friends…

But, as we are part of this Virtual world we come across many persons
And after talking to them we start considering them as friends too.

But do you thing can there be any good friendship virtually???

Let me tell you all, what I have seen and observed.

Members strike friendship here in no time and same goes for break ups.
They share mails, chat for many hours and so on. But
Later on if on some point disagreement is there or choices are different
Then Friendship is over for them.

They start taking pot-shots at each other directly or indirectly.
They don’t think weather the person behind the ID is hurt or upset.

Some members strike such a wonderful relation that they are
always there to help each other.
They give importance & treat them more then a real friend.
And share things with them which they can’t share with
Real friends.

Some members are so quite, calm and shy in real life.
But in Virtual they are labeled as “Entertaining person”.

So I would like to ask you all about Real & Virtual friendship.

According to you is there any difference? If yes then what?
And which one you feel is superior?