Love you forever…words we should express to her


We are often told that actions and not words that are more effective. But when it comes to your romantic life this may not always be true. Not only do you have to show your lover your sweet and caring side, but you also have to learn to express it in words. There is always the most popular “I love you” but your words have to go beyond this. In fact this declaration of love has been so used that it has almost taken on the place of a cliché.


Sure, she knows you are attracted to her, but did you take the time to tell her that you think her eyes are the most fascinating things you have seen? Or have you told him that you adore the way his hair falls on his face? These may seem like small things to you, but verbalizing it will make the other person feel special. And isn’t that what relationships all about?

Being together, enjoying the time together and making the other person feel ultra special is what relationships are about. Without the words to tell her/him that he/she is more than just a casual interest or fling or that having him/her in your life has made you and your life much better. Sometimes it is not enough to feel something or do something special, it is also important to say the words!tumblr_mpoz75mTey1qi3d83o1_400

Finding the woman of your dreams is something that is desired by all men, for the warmth of the female touch is an incomparable thing.

So, if you have that special someone, who loves you for who you are and makes your life a delightful place by just being a part of it, then letting her know and making her feel special is a must.

I have always wondered how true love would feel like, how would it be to finally have that special someone who would make me feel like I belonged somewhere. Now I have you and I know that all those queries have been answered.


“We’re staying together, you’re not getting away from me, never ever.”



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