Which one you feel superior…Real or Virtual Friendship???


Yesterday i came across a question
what is difference in real and virtual friendship?
So, just had a thought to write post about it…

There are many friends in your life we do categorized them as
Friends, Good friends, Best friends…

But, as we are part of this Virtual world we come across many persons
And after talking to them we start considering them as friends too.

But do you thing can there be any good friendship virtually???

Let me tell you all, what I have seen and observed.

Members strike friendship here in no time and same goes for break ups.
They share mails, chat for many hours and so on. But
Later on if on some point disagreement is there or choices are different
Then Friendship is over for them.

They start taking pot-shots at each other directly or indirectly.
They don’t think weather the person behind the ID is hurt or upset.

Some members strike such a wonderful relation that they are
always there to help each other.
They give importance & treat them more then a real friend.
And share things with them which they can’t share with
Real friends.

Some members are so quite, calm and shy in real life.
But in Virtual they are labeled as “Entertaining person”.

So I would like to ask you all about Real & Virtual friendship.

According to you is there any difference? If yes then what?
And which one you feel is superior?


5 thoughts on “Which one you feel superior…Real or Virtual Friendship???

  1. Well, both of has its own definitions! But as of my opinion, I would prefer real friendship in which if I am feeling happy then I can celebrate in it, if I am feeling cry then I get a real shoulder to cry and if I am making mistake then I can get a real punch on my face even! No doubt, virtual friendship is possible in this technological time but it has some limitations that if someone is upset with you or what you said, you cannot see or feel their situation or anything like that! For talking to stranger and sharing your ideas is good but its not lasts till longer!!

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  2. And you made a post over it. 😂😂😂😂😉😉😉😉
    Interesting and mind boggling at the same time.
    What one needs in a friendship? Why are there categories like best, good, just friends, real friends, chat friends, 3 am friends?
    Friendship, a bond that happens when two people connect with each other’s thoughts…. For me this intellectual connect is of prime importance. How and where does this whole process start? This starts when two people start talking, start sharing, start expressing. The medium might be any – real or virtual.
    And who isn’t bad at covering true emotions? We might not know what is going in the life of the person who is in the profile picture. But isn’t it very true that even in reality that we don’t share everything with every friend of ours.
    Friendship is the most beautiful bond. But as every relation would even this bond has certain limitations. If you are not your own best friend, you can’t be the same with others. There’s a line that everyone draws to mark their personal life. When young, we have this typical expectation that our friends would share with us the every minor detail. And if they don’t we would not talk to them for days. But as we grow up, we understand that every individual has a personal life and hence we give each other their space.
    For me any form of friendship is good. Real or virtual. Why the hype? We connect, we share, we express and we grow in both these processes. Let’s enjoy all of them then.

    “Be your own friend first. You attract what you are. Friends are inspiring, but the only person who can really help you, is you yourself.”

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    • Thanks for briefly explaining your thoughts on this post 🙂 But i believe we always give preference to our friend whom we meet regularly not to friend who is virtual only.


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