Rainbow series – Colour of Rainbows.


When you see the rainbow in the sky
it brings such a glow to your heart
those beautiful bright awesome colours
reveals those are God made part of His divine art

Blue is such a pure colour
it has a depth like the sea
Green makes one look to the earth
as the grass grows there absolutely free

Yellow has such a power of brightness
it’s warmth shines through the sun
Red is a colour of alarm
saying stop danger bar none

Orange has thoughts of real juice
quenching thirst reviving the soul
Ultra Violet has light shades
that lifts you to achieve your goal

Purple has traditional royal connections
as it’s deep and rich colouring show
So there we have the rainbows



Joy of Rainbow



Thunder the light strikes;

after the rain gives way to

a smiling RAINBOW

RAINBOWS remind me

of a time when simple things

were the spice of life…