Avoid selfish People.

I gave lot of respect to her. I do care for her. I am doing all this not because I have any feelings for her but only for I found good friend in herself. But did i made mistake by doing all this???

Why people don’t understand others feelings? Why they don’t understand effort of others only for them? By doing this they always hurt the person who do care for them and have respect for them. People always found you when they need your assist or help. It’s very simple equation that we should respect everyone and mostly you should respect person who always do always ready to do good things for us. From my experience I found that avoid selfish people. Don’t try to involve in them because it will give you only pain. Friends, I need your assist on how to treat such a people. How to remove them from your life?

“Giving so much respect, importance and taking care of some people will always result in loss of our values in their view. They started to taking you grant every time. You are nothing to them because for them whatever you are doing is just a formality…”


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