Families are not as close as they used to be…


Do you agree that we are getting closer to people from around the world but going away from our own people? Yes, I am agree. Because we are always running to achieve our goal and spend many hours in office or at work area. We hardly spend time with family. And it is generally accepted that families are not as close as they used to be.

For the past century it is a family tradition to spend more time with them and to know more of our relatives. However, in the recent decades it is noticeably getting loose. Family ties are now weak.

In this modern age, living a life is a competition in terms of attending to school or work. People are more aggressive in achieving their short and long-term goals. Yet, it compromises their time with their family. Less effort on appearing in family reunions to get to know both sides of your parent’s relatives. Another reason is that there are some families went and live overseas and had a hard time going back to their hometowns and totally lose the communication. Lastly, family rivalries is very normal for members of the flesh and blood to quarrel. Unfortunately, there are times that they do not like to patch things up or perhaps people who are involved are not ready to forgive yet. By this reason the gap between the families are taking its toll and unable to reach and settle their issues.


As the saying goes “when there is life, there is hope” it is not too late and not impossible to get the closeness back. We can use the old traditions and new technology. Always find time to spend with your loved ones like be home at dinner time. In this way, parents can catch up the their children. What happened in school and offer to assist them on their assignments. Set the family reunions during public holidays so everyone is off from their office jobs and have a chance to meet the rest of the clan. If living in different city or country take an advance of technology such as Skype or Viber to call free from anywhere in the world. Keep sending electronic mails where you can reply in minutes. Text messaging is an innovation where we can communicate anytime in our fingertips.

There are plenty of ways to get the family intact as this will benefit our next generations. Blood is thicker than water as they say and we know in our hearts, whatever happens we can still run to our families to seek comfort.


Friends suggest how families could be brought closer together in your views from your experience.


8 thoughts on “Families are not as close as they used to be…

  1. This is very observative piece Suhas. Today’s busy pace of life creates a vast gap between family and children, there is no blunder in following own dream or target, but it shouldn’t be like this way.At the end of the day we should provide time for our family, it is our relaxation indeed after a hectic schedule. Anyways, good style of writing and you have depicted this practical issue very well.(Y)

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    • Thanks Suchetana for your appreciation. I always have thought about how families are going away from each other. While doing my engineering i always saw many husband and wife were busy with their schedule and don’t have time for children. Personally I don’t like such a life. I like to be with my family. We should work hard to achieve goal but never forget family….thanks again for your very nice comment πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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