Effects of modern lifestyle on human being…


Today’s society has been developing quickly, mass medias such as Internet, telephone, email, social network (Facebook, Twitter and so on) are more and more popular, and more international inventions make everybody over all the world come closer together. The tendency of globalization is certain. This has brought many benefits for people both physical and mental. However, there are too many social relationships and things to tackle everyday such as job, finance, looking after their children, studying and so on. While ability of people is limited. They can not work or stand too many tasks in the same time. Therefore, many people are sick, especially high blood pressure, heart disease, physical weakness, depression. Even among some people were died of these diseases. In fact, there were also some people who killed themselves.

In the past time, people have less relationships, science did not support life much, link of areas, continents, global did not be closed and wide. So people work and think less stressful. As a result, people hardly suffered from stress-related illnesses.

To avoid above problem. We have to have health living. We have to work, eat, drink, relax scientifically and logically. We should not work or think over stressfully for a long time. Their diet are logic with full of ingredient, such as meat, fish, vegetable and so on. Avoid eating too fatty, oil, sugar or drinking too much beer and wine. We should regularly play sport activities, such as football, tennis, volleyball, badminton, jogging to stay their health, keep fit and relax after hard working days. Doing well above activities, we can overcome stress and preserve happy life in modern society.


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