Liebster Award



Hey, I get nominated for Liebster Award and I am very thankful to Blog Of A Wallflower for nominating me for this award. This is my first nomination for this award and happy to get this.

Below are the rules –

  1. Link back the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the nominator.
  3. Display the Liebster award logo in your post.
  4. Nominate other bloggers.
  5. Create 11 questions for the nominees.
  6. Notify all nominees via social media or blogs.

Below are answers for questions:

  1. What is your favorite thing about yourself? Ans:- Honesty is the best policy and yes I am glad I have it and it’s my favorite thing about me.
  2. Do you believe in God? Ans:- Yes
  3. What is your favorite book? Ans:- Many books are in list but here i can say it’s ‘ It happens for a reason’ by Preeti Shenoy
  4. Summer or Winter? Ans:- Winter
  5. Red rose or Black rose? Ans:- Red rose
  6. Hot coffee or Cold coffee? Ans:- Cold coffee
  7. What is your life’s purpose? Ans:-Β To achieve my goals and fulfill my dear parents dream.
  8. Do you believe in magic? Ans:- Yes
  9. What is the best thing about your life? Ans:- My family.
  10. What do you think about my blog ;)? Ans:- Well maintained blog and have inspirational thing.
  11. Do you own a dream? What is it? Ans:- Yes

My nominees are:

  1. Erika Kind
  2. Himali Shah
  3. swatii
  4. forgottenmeadows
  5. priyankamoraes
  6. loveandolive
  7. Amrita

My questions for you:

  1. What is your favorite thing to do?
  2. Do you believe in making best friends through social media?
  3. Romantic movies or comedy movies?
  4. Do you have ambitions to change the world?
  5. Experienced love at first sight?
  6. Which celebrity do you think you just like them?
  7. If you got chance to travel world which places do you like to visit?
  8. Which is your dream place?
  9. Do you have any phobia?
  10. Do you like to read fiction or non-fiction books?
  11. What others life means to you? How you treat others in your life?

That’s it !!! I hope these are simple questions to answer.

Stay blessed always πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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