Life is beautiful…just live it !!!


This life is a wonderful gift…accept it, embrace it.
It starts with a new day…wake up and greet it.
Life is a challenge…take it head on, and meet it.
Full of opportunity…use it, don’t waste it.

This life is a mystery…unfold it, solve it.
It starts with meaning…wake up and understand it.
Life is a goal…take it head on, and achieve it.
Full of promise…fulfill it, but keep it.

This life is a tragedy…face it, accept it.
It starts with pain…wake up and help numb it.
Life is a struggle…take it head on and fight it.
Full of sorrow…sorry, just overcome it.

This life is precious…hold it, treasure it,
It starts with hope…wake up and feel it.
Life is a choice…take it head on, and make it.
full of knowledge…use it, don’t abuse it.

This life is adventurous…enjoy it, explore it.
It starts with a duty…wake up and perform it.
Life is love…take it full on, and love it.
Full of beauty…praise it, and behold it.

That life is life…live it, learn and grow
Life is good…be good with all that you know.

The Versatile Blogger Award

                    Yesterday i get nominated for “The Versatile Blogger Award”. Many thanks to my blogging friend Rosmery. Like everyone i too feel glad to receive this nomination but honestly I am in learning phase of blogging world so i don’t deserve such a great award. I am happy that my friend Rosmery feels that my blog is suitable for this nomination and i accepted this nomination.

I like her blog because i like to visit new places and in her blog i can find information about places which i dream to visit in future. Her blog is perfect place to visit.

Here are the award rules:

  • Thanks the person who gave you this award
  • Include a link to their award
  • Select bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Nominate those bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  • Include seven things about yourself.

Seven things about me:

  1. I love to enjoy long walk in nature and traveling to beautiful places. 🙂
  2. Everybody loves their family and i am not exception in this case. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends. I like to make good friends and keep in touch with them.
  3. I like to keep hopes on things which i like to get.
  4. I have a height phobia. 😦
  5. I like to live simple lifestyle and like to respect every others life. Life will be more beautiful if we all give respect to each others life and keep peace in this world.
  6. I like music of any kind. I listen music whenever i get time. I feel music is best things to get back to your normal mood or to overcome your sorrow, depression etc. ❤
  7. I am food lover person. I like foods made by my mom. 🙂

This is just a introduction about me.

Here are my nominees for this award:

  1. It’s all about foods
  2. Soumya Mishra
  3. InkMode
  4. Priya
  6. Alok Singhal

That’s it. I hope all you guys accept my nomination so that i can know you better 🙂 🙂

Once again thank you so much Rosmery for giving me nomination for this award.

Stay blessed always. Life is awesome 🙂 🙂 🙂

As time goes by


Time goes by and slips away
Just as the sky turns from blue to grey.
We are here but only for a short stay.
Don’t let life pass with words you never say.

Don’t live in anger, with fear and regrets,
Seek forgiveness and lay your pain to rest.
Don’t judge too quickly, as you may be wrong
Instead, choose to live life as an uplifting song.

When tears fall, wipe them away
As they will only last but for a day.
Sometimes we hurt because we care,
Sometimes life seems unfair.

We make mistakes we wish we could change
And wonder how our life could be rearranged.
Second chances last only for so long, reach out to others
As we all are sisters and brothers.

Stop Struggling…Time To Move On


Life is unfair, sometimes the misery we can’t bear..
This was a feeling I could never share…
I am strong, strong enough to move on from this pain,
I won’t feel the shame, my life is not a game,
tired of these tears and my fears…

I will cherish my inspirations…
I will find my dream, I promise, that’s what I will achieve..
I will find a way to leave..
I’m not who you will deceive..

I believe in miracles, these people laugh like it’s hysterical…
I won’t fall, I may be lost but I will be found…
One day I will find the perfect life, life will run beautifully,

I will fly like a butterfly through the night, will have a pleasant sight, afraid but I will fight…
No boundaries, free my mind of all the pressure, leaving here will be my pleasure..


This is daily reminder…

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This is a daily reminder
To relax
To not get angry over small things
To stay calm

This is a daily reminder
To be yourself
To not care what people think
To know you can be anything

This is a daily reminder
To love yourself
To not hurt yourself
To not work yourself up

This is a daily reminder
That you are beautiful
That you are amazing
That you will succeed

This is a daily reminder
To always have hope
To have faith
To know everything will be okay

This is a daily reminder
That you have made it so far already
That you haven’t given up
That whatever you’re doing is right
And that you are going to be amazing

Don’t give up
Keep holding on and believing