Eternal Love


I start my journey on having faith
That someday I’ll find my day
I know this day is not too late
For love to come my way

Feeling lost in a chamber clear
Seeking truth for love to heal
All the pains I have to bear
What is love if it’s not real

Shading my heart with shades of blue
Saving all my tears
Just to look for a love that’s true
Taking all the risk

Walking through a lonely path
I know it’s all I have
And there’s nothing I can do
But to Look for Eternal Love


13 thoughts on “Eternal Love

  1. I can only say, when the time is right (which means when the two people are ready) true love simply happens which makes it even more magical. This love is eternal. It has always been there just waiting for the right moment to get visible. That’s why we dream of it… we feel a reminder of what we know is there.

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