The art of acceptance…


To move forward in life you must first accept the reality of what it is. To wish that things were different, or to pretend that they are, gets you nowhere. Today you have all the possibilities in front of you to move in the direction of your dreams.

Radical Acceptance says that life works better when you accept people for who they are, without judgment.  Once you have done that you can then act accordingly. What does that mean?

How many of us see, not the person in front of us, but the person we expect to see.  Then we act as if they are how we expect to see them.  And, sure enough, we come to grief.

Come to know them through their actions, accept without judgment and act accordingly.  If the other is a controlling person, then I know I will either need to let go my need for control or be prepared for a battle of wills.  If the other is chronically late, then need to invite them early to events, be prepared to start without them or wait.  In any case, to get upset is to pretend they are someone different.

”I started to discover the meaning of happiness when I started to discover–and practice–the art of acceptance”. When I started to accept life for what it was and I started to accept whatever situation I was in as the way things were, I started to see that my happiness depended on my own attitude.  When I started focusing on getting the most out of my life the way it was rather than trying to turn it into what I thought it should be, I started to realize that I was, indeed, becoming a much happier person.”