Love is continuous flow without any limits

“I have decided to stop saying yes to people and situations that don’t support any well-being. Instead, I will say yes to my happiness, and yes to my growth, and yes to all the people and things that are inspired me to be authentic and whole, while at the same time accepting me just I am.”


To create the life of your dreams, the time has come for you to love you. Focus on your joy. Do all the things that make you feel good. Love you inside and out. Everything will change in your life, when you change the inside of you. Allow the universe to give you every good things you deserve, by being a magnet to them all. To be a magnet for every single thing you deserve, you must be a magnet of love.

Remember that today is all we have


Remember today that you are alive.
Sometimes we tend to forget.
You have a purpose that is all your own.
No one else is you.
You have dreams and hopes and desires.
Listen to your heart for a while.

Remember today all the blessings you have.
There’s beauty in every direction you look.
Enjoy the abundance that is already yours.
The world is a wonderful place and you’re here.

Remember today that you get what you give.
Your world is a mirror of your inner self.
Love will be yours when you give it away.

Remember today that life is creation.
As long as you live you can always contribute
your own special voice.
Remember today is a special time.
Make the best of it while you can.

Reinvent yourself


              If you don’t feel quite happy no matter what you do, it is perhaps time to make some serious changes in your life. Reinventing yourself can give you a whole new perspective on life and take you in directions you may never have dreamed were possible.

The art of acceptance…


To move forward in life you must first accept the reality of what it is. To wish that things were different, or to pretend that they are, gets you nowhere. Today you have all the possibilities in front of you to move in the direction of your dreams.

Radical Acceptance says that life works better when you accept people for who they are, without judgment.  Once you have done that you can then act accordingly. What does that mean?

How many of us see, not the person in front of us, but the person we expect to see.  Then we act as if they are how we expect to see them.  And, sure enough, we come to grief.

Come to know them through their actions, accept without judgment and act accordingly.  If the other is a controlling person, then I know I will either need to let go my need for control or be prepared for a battle of wills.  If the other is chronically late, then need to invite them early to events, be prepared to start without them or wait.  In any case, to get upset is to pretend they are someone different.

”I started to discover the meaning of happiness when I started to discover–and practice–the art of acceptance”. When I started to accept life for what it was and I started to accept whatever situation I was in as the way things were, I started to see that my happiness depended on my own attitude.  When I started focusing on getting the most out of my life the way it was rather than trying to turn it into what I thought it should be, I started to realize that I was, indeed, becoming a much happier person.”

Believe in you!


You may have heard from some so-called friends that what you have been striving for is not within your reach. Have you ever heard words like these or maybe they have come to you from supervisors through their annual review of your work performance. The question is, do you believe them and alter your dreams or goals?

Throughout the centuries, so-called significant or important people have told people of various walks of life, that they have no chance to succeed. In a lot of cases, many people cower from these kind of comments and start to believe that they cannot succeed, or that they do not have the intelligence or where with all to accomplish a goal or a dream.

If you choose to believe these types of comments, you are engaging in what is often called a self-fulfilling prophecy, or, in other words, you start to believe what others say about you. If you do adopt as real or true what others have said about you, this means you have given control of your life, your destiny, to the opinions, thoughts and failings of others.

“You are the only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life.” Les Brown

Two years ago, I happened to meet a lady at a local craft market who wanted to branch out further in her life by starting to expand her own, small home business. She worked daily for a group home as a day provider but wanted to establish better control of her destiny. She was hesitant to go it alone, afraid that she wouldn’t be able to make enough money to quit her boring day job. Her biggest challenge to succeed was not her ability; it was her belief in herself.

For her, most of her friends and acquaintances doubted her ability to be a business owner, or suggested to her that she should just forget about her business idea and keep her job telling her that jobs were hard to come by. Fortunately for her, though, she did not want to totally give up her idea. And, while she continued to have nagging doubts about what she really wanted to do, her goal was totally supported by a new business acquaintance.

Her business acquaintance gave her encouragement, made time available whenever she needed questions or suggestions, or just to talk about business issues. And, though she had all the right plans and ability to succeed, she remained her own worse obstacle. The good news is that she continued even though struggling with self-doubt but persevered and quit her day job to go it alone last year.

What she conquered was more than issues around developing her business; she conquered her own apprehension, her own self-doubt. She succeeded because she did not listen to the naysayers; she succeeded because she overcame the greatest obstacle – her own belief in herself.

Allow yourself


Allow yourself to dream,
And when you do dream big

Allow yourself to learn
And when you do learn all you can

Allow yourself to laugh
And when you do share your laughter

Allow yourself to set goals
And when you do reward yourself as you move forward

Allow yourself to be determined
And when you do you will find you will succeed

Allow yourself to believe in yourself
And when you do you will find self confidence

Allow yourself to lend a helping hand
And when you do a hand will help you.

Allow yourself relaxation
And when you do you will find new ideas.

Allow yourself love
And when you do you will find love in return

Allow yourself to be happy
And when you do you will influence others around you.

Allow yourself to be positive.

And when you do life will get easier.

To The One I Love


I know I have an angel.
She was sent from heaven above
To protect me every day
And give me lots of love.

She’s there when I’m lonely.
She sits by me when I cry.
She encourages me when I’m down
And makes me want to try.